Say No To Surgery

The NANNIC NBE 3000 is a device in which 3 different circuits can be used simultaneously:
  • Monopolar and bipolar operating together; or
  • Automatic monopolar plate probes combined with active manual electrodes if necessary
Considering the body holistically, it is possible to position the plates in a way that will bring about synergy between a range of bodily functions.
For example, while performing a facial treatment, it is possible to stimulate the lymphatic system throughout the body, in turn resulting in optimised results for the face.
The device can have a simultaneous, positive effect on the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, but also on muscle and fat tissues, lymphatic flow and microcapillaries. Please see the device instructions for detailed treatment instructions.
Isolating the active probe increases its ion discharge area to the level of epidermis, dermis, fatty tissue and muscle tissue. This allows the extremely safe discharge of a relatively large amount of energy into cells, with no risk of harm to underlying tissue.

60 min £105

6 treatments £525

Bipolar treatments with the NBE 3000 produce less contact heat, making it the ideal device for skin that is very fine or sensitive.
Upper-body drainage can be stimulated at the same time, which is a highly efficacious addition in the treatment of rosacea treatments and in other facial treatments.
The NBE 3000 is suitable for all treatments of the face and body. Multiple treatments can be combined simultaneously.
The NANNIC NBE 3000 concept allows the combination of a range of treatments in a single treatment session.The synergy created by the effects on various bodily functions, monopolar and bipolar treatment options, the choice of serums and correct treatment methods produces both immediate and long-term results for the face and body.