Nbe Massage & Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

  • NBE Massage & Lymphatic Drainage 60 min – £80
  • NBE Massage & Lymphatic Drainage Course of 7 – £480
Experience the future of Massage!
At Medspa Beauty Clinic we offer unique and extremely successful Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. With NBE 3000, it’s possible – to achieve direct results by getting a warmer, softer and more elastic muscle in less time, so you can have a greater effect from a treatment. Apart from lymphatic drainage, this therapy is very effective muscle massage, treatment and anti stress therapy.
Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. The lymph system depends on intrinsic contractions of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of lymph vessels (peristalsis) and the movement of skeletal muscles to propel lymph through the vessels to lymph nodes and then beyond the lymph nodes to the lymph ducts which return lymph to the cardiovascular system. Manual lymph drainage uses a specific amount of pressure (less than 9 ounces per square inch) and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow. A 2009 meta-analysis of studies in the area of sports medicine and rehabilitation showed best evidence of effectiveness for Manual lymphatic drainage treatment to “enzyme serum levels associated with acute skeletal muscle cell damage as well as reduction of oedema [swelling] around broken bones.
NBE 3000  treatment allows to achieve greater impact into the tissue and therefore has very beneficial results such as:
  • Increasing oxygen uptake
  • Reduce the carbon dioxide
  • Increasing the pH
  • Start the body’s own healing process
  • Promote lymphatic
  • Improve the immune system
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Reduce lactic acid and slag
  • Reduce free radical damage by 7%