Lymphatic Massage with NBE 3000

  • Lymphatic Massage – 60 min – £80
Lymphatic Massage is a treatment especially beneficial for those who suffer from regular common illnesses such as colds. It is also very beneficial if you suffer from swelling, puffiness or water retention. The treatment gives the immune system a boost as well as helping the body stay away from illnesses and post-surgery recovery. At Medspa Beauty Clinic we use Nannic NBE 3000 to help detoxify the body at the same time, this will help with post-surgery swelling
Lymphatic drainage massage at Medspa Beauty Clinic performed with Nannic NBE 3000 that is different to a normal lymphatic massage, whereby the pressure used is of a very light nature – the client may feel as if the therapist is not carrying out any form of massage. This massage is carried out using a handpiece with special massage cream gentle and rhythmic strokes of the skin are performed towards the lymph nodes stimulating the contraction of the lymphatic vessels. This allows the body to eliminate waste products and excess fluids from the tissues directly to a lymph node and thereafter be pushed out of the body completely. You will achieve significant results after just one treatment
It is very important to drink a lot of water after the treatment has been carried out – this treatment is a form of detoxification and it may cause you to feel worse than you started before getting better.
Lymphatic drainage massage is not suitable for anyone, especially if you are suffering from tumours of any sort, thrombosis or major heart problems. Also, medical advice should be sought before having a lymphatic drainage massage if you suffer from any sort of cancer, diabetes, thyroid or kidney problems, asthma or epilepsy.

Benefits of having a lymphatic drainage massage can be:

  • Aiding in healing post-operation
  • Reducing oedema (swelling) especially if you’re pregnant and suffering from swollen feet/legs
  • Reducing the frequency of colds you may be experiencing
  • Those going through radiotherapy/chemotherapy for cancer
  • If you’re struggling to breastfeed
  • Aid in relaxation