Misleading points about laser hair removal

//Misleading points about laser hair removal

Misleading points about laser hair removal

Since its arrival, laser technology for hair removal procedures has been constantly embroiled with many misconceptions and utter lies. In a bid to set the record straight, this blog will talk about all those misleading attributes that have been developed regarding laser hair removal over a long course of time.

Laser hair removal entails severe side effects

The word ‘laser’ often-erroneously terrifies people regarding this most effective hair removal procedure. Many people think that the body’s exposure to laser leads to several detrimental side effects. However, that’s not the case at all. Apart from temporary pigment changes on the treated skin, the laser hair removal treatment is completely harmless.

Laser hair removal is a costly affair

It might have been true in the earlier days when treatment was just introduced. But now, laser hair removal can’t be termed as an expensive treatment by any means. Instead, its long-lasting results by getting rid of every piece of ingrown hair follicle make it a rather economical option if one compares it with the cost of multiple sessions of conventional treatments.

Laser hair removal is a time-consuming process

This is another prevalent misconception about laser hair treatments. Many people wrongly think of it as a long-drawn-out surgical procedure. However, that’s not the case. To put things into perspective, the duration of laser hair removal is even shorter than the treatment of regular epilators. Even large skin areas (legs, back etc) don’t take more than 30 minutes, given that experts are carrying out the procedure.

Laser hair removal is painful

This is another hyperbole attributed to laser hair removal treatments. The laser used in the hair removal treatment doesn’t exceed the temperature that can lead to pain or burns on the skin. A minor twitching and pinching are definitely felt on the treated area. But it also goes away with time. In short, laser hair removal is not a root canal treatment, which means no pain is involved in the former.

Contracts are required

Many people also remain apprehensive of the laser hair removal treatment because they believe that they have to sign a contract prior to the treatment. No professional skin treatment facility forces patients to sign any document to deliver the treatment. One just has to pay the bill to get the treatment.

A visit to Medspa Beauty clinic for laser hair removal treatment can demonstrate that the procedure is free of all the misconceptions that are mentioned in this article.

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