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Universal Contour Body Wrap

Universal Contour Body Wrap

  • Universal Contour Body Wrap - 120 min: £95
  • Universal Contour Body Wrap & Nail Polish: £113
  • Universal Contour Body Wrap & Microdermabrasion: £170£130
  • Universal Contour Body Wrap & Hydrafacial : £190£150
  • Universal Contour Body Wrap no measurements: £75
  • Slimming & Detox Wrap Course: £450£390

The Universal Contour Wrap is a fabulous treatment to tighten and tone the skin resulting in lasting inch loss. With this treatment, you’re definitely going to lose at least 6 inches after just one treatment.

The number of inches lost varies from person to person. You are definitely going to lose at least 6 inches from the first treatment but average losses are 10-14 inches. To achieve maximum inch loss a course of three treatments is recommended where you can lose around 30 inches so it’s not uncommon to drop a complete dress size.

The initial 6-inch loss will last for 30 days. Results can last for much longer depending on your lifestyle. You can achieve even greater inch loss by having further treatments. A course of three treatments is recommended in order to achieve maximum inch loss. Universal Contour Body Wrap is an inch loss treatment that shapes and tones your body so even you don’t lose weight you can still drop a complete dress size after having 3 treatments.

After the treatment, you are encouraged to drink plenty of water to continue the detox process and help you lose further inches.

Important to know (Ladies)

If you just had a baby, you will need to wait at least six weeks after a normal delivery and take your doctor’s advice after a Caesarean, Universal  Contour  Body Wrap is perfectly safe and is excellent for firming up the stomach and bust.