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Lycon Waxing Face Treatments

Lycon Waxing Face Treatments

  • Face - 20 min: £30
  • Eyebrows - 15 min: £13£12
  • Lip or Chin - 15 min: £13
  • Lip & Chin - 20 min: £24

At Medspa Beauty Clinic for eyebrows, lips and face we are using Lycojet waxes. These low-temperature waxes for the face and body are super pliable, super strong and virtually pain-free!

Eyebrows, lips & face

Any LYCON hot wax can be used on the facial area as they contain soothing aromatherapy ingredients and remove hair as short as 1mm. LYCON's creamy formulations with Titanium Dioxide offer extra soothing benefits on delicate areas as well as our famous grip. 

Areas such as the eyebrows and lips have a variety of different hair growth types and LYCOJET waxes are ideal to use on the short, fluffy facial hair, as well as the stubborn, difficult to remove hair in these areas.