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Fat Reduction, Cellulite, Scars, Stretch Marks

Fat Reduction, Cellulite, Scars, Stretch Marks

  • Stretch Marks Treatment - 60 min : £120
  • Scars Treatment - 60 min: £120
  • Cellulite Treatment - 60 min: £120
  • Fat Reduction Treatment - 60 min: £120
  • Course of 8 treatments: £720

The treatment will reduce the number of fat cells, it is a powerful anti-oxidant treatment which will improve the metabolism, stimulate the lipolysis and turns fat into energy, which means the fat is burnt, just like during intensive sports practice.Stretch marks and scars cause the damage to a connective tissue. This treatment will greatly increase the production of the collagen in the skin, improve the elasticity and connective tissue, amino acid proline will help production of healthy connective tissue it will stimulate healing reducing the stretch marks and scars.

Nannic NBE 3000 – combines electromagnetic energy with proven effective active ingredients serums containing cell-identical elements.  This treatment also has an anti-inflammatory effect.  It has a powerful detoxifying effect on the body.

This treatment gives spectacular results after a short period. An intensive course of treatment gives long-lasting results. 

NBE 3000 works on stimulating the production of the new collagen and elastin, correcting the sagging caused by the loss of connection between muscle and skin tissue. Powerful anti-oxidant and detoxifying treatment. The treatment will be finished with Nannic specially developed peel off mask, containing Argireline – a hexapeptide composed of natural amino acids, this will reduce the depth of stretch marks, cellulite as well as reduce fat. It is rich in potassium and magnesium, It also intercepts free radicals and makes them harmless. Preservatives free, dermatologically tested and medically proven ingredients.


What does this mean for your skin? 

  • Enhancement of the natural processes of the cells 
  • Stimulation of cell division
  • Increased moisture in the skin 
  • Improved circulation of oxygen-rich blood 
  • Increased absorption of active ingredients 
  • Improved structure in connective tissue 
  • Better tone of underlying muscles 
  • Stimulation of lipolysis 
  • Detoxification, thanks to drainage of the lymph system 
  • Reduction in the number of free radicals. 



  • fat reduction
  • cellulite
  • stretch marks and scars
  • breast lifting
  • lymphatic drainage
  • deep tissue massage
  • reduction of free radicals


Can you describe what is unique with Nannic NBE 3000, and why the results are so exciting?

Nannic NBE 3000 concept is the result of years of medical research. It’s safe, painless treatments for smoother, younger and more resilient skin.

How fast can you see results? After one treatment?

The most fantastic about Nannic NBE 3000 is that it shows amazing, visible results! Even after only one treatment.


Can everyone go for a Nannic treatment?

Yes, everyone can do it! It does not matter what skin type, complexion, or what age you’re in. The younger ones want to maintain their youth and the more mature wants to reduce or simply strengthen the skin. Some people just take the treatments because they are so relaxing and comfortable!