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Back & Neck Massage

Back & Neck Massage

  • Back & Neck Massage - 30 min: £35

Back & Neck massage at Medspa Beauty Clinic is recommended for various back problems. It is usually applied to strained muscles in the neck, shoulder and back areas

Back & Neck massage at Medspa Beauty Clinic is also recommended for people with pains in the neck area, spine area, numbness in hands and headache.The massage reduces pain, improves circulation, restores energy forces and helps to calm and relax generally, neck area and shoulder area.

This massage is recommended for those who have got problems in the neck area and also suffer from circulatory disorders, joint or muscle pains. Back and neck massage improves the intake of oxygen and nutrients in the brain, therefore improving sleep and overall efficiency.In order to improve general well-being, a classic full body massage may be applied.

Back and neck massage at Medspa Beauty Clinic is best-known for improving blood and lymph circulation, removing headache, easing strained muscles and reducing muscle pain and fatigue. Classic massage also activates sweat and oil glands, causing the temperature of the skin and deeper tissues to rise and capillaries to dilate. As a result, the skin of your body becomes smoother and the metabolism is improved.