Laser hair removal in London at 50% Off. MedSpa, a beauty clinic based in Notting Hill offers all beauty treatments: massage, facials and advice.

Laser hair removal London
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    Get Ready for the Spring

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  • Lose 6 Inches in 2h

    Lose 6 Inches in 2h

    Universal Contour Wrap
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  • 50 % OFF Laser Hair Removal

    50 % OFF Laser Hair Removal

    Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal
    The best Laser Hair Removal in London!

  • BioSurface™Peel


    Introductory offer! ONLY £75
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  • Instant Face Lift

    Instant Face Lift

    Nannic NBE 3000 treatment
    Non-Surgical Face Lift
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    FROM ONLY £100

  • HydraFacial


    HydraFacial Basic = 60min £90

  • Deep Skin Treatment

    Deep Skin Treatment

    Infusor & Ablator £80


Book before May 31st

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* Both offers are available for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY and the offers can't be combined. All Medical Aesthetic Treatments are 10% OFF so the 20% OFF does not apply here.

Laser Hair Removal in London

Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal 50% OFF

Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal 50% OFF

Laser Hair Removal London

The best Laser Hair Removal in London. We're one of the few UK beauty clinics that offer a quality laser treatment using the modern Soprano ICE Laser hair removal machine, along with a skilled laser operator. There are few clinics in UK that provide all of the following benefits so be sure to ask the right questions before booking for a laser hair removal on other clinic.

Why choose a permanent Laser Hair Removal? If you want to stop shaving and waxing, we strongly recommend our hugely popular Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal treatment. Imagine a life free of unwanted hair. No more waxing, shaving or plucking! Depending on your hair this treatment could take a few weeks but with the Soprano ICE Laser a permanent hair removal is achievable.

A safe Laser Hair Removal & a modern laser machine - Soprano ICE. Unlike other clinics that use old and painfully laser machines, MedSpa Beauty Clinic offers the revolutionary laser treatment using the modern Soprano ICE laser machine, that does not cause noticeable pain. Some sensible parts of the body can still cause a low level of pain.

A skilled laser operator for a perfect treatment. The laser hair machine is important but the skill of the laser machine operator is crucial. Not only that we have a leading UK operator but we also have the technology that can remove hair from all skin types including Black and Asian skins.


About Medspa's serene treatment rooms

Medspa's serene treatment rooms are very well stocked with professional machines and quality beauty products, so it’s no surprise that the clinic is able to offer such a wide range of first-rate services and treatments. With soothing music and a calm decor, you’d never guess that you’re in fact being pampered above one of London’s busiest roads!

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The medical and therapeutic team of MedSpa provides you with benefits such as feeling rejuvenated, soothed and confident of your own natural inner glow and beauty. Attractive attitude comes from your own original nature - come and recapture your innate grace in a modern comfortable atmosphere.

MedSpa is a beauty clinic based in Notting Hill, Chelsea, that provides beauty services, treatments and health advice for local residents with post codes W8, W11, W14, SW5, SW7, W10. 

Our most popular treatments are: Lycon wax, massage, facials, universal contour body wrap and laser hair removal in London. We re one of the few UK beauty clinics that offer quality Soprano Laser hair removal, Hydrafacial treatments, skin tightening and non surgical lift, body treatments and a new way of massage with detox and all other treatments like: dermalogica facial, eyebrow shape, eyebrow tint, anti-cellulite or Lycon hot waxing.

We also offer pain management with the premium product Nannic NBE 3000.

Medspa Beauty Clinic first opened in 2008 as an extension of the family-owned and run Calder Pharmacy, a Notting Hill institution since 1960. The Medspa Beauty Clinic offers a very wide range of beauty treatments and services, whether you’re after a spot of pampering or relaxation, need to glam yourself up, wish to treat a specific skin issue, looking for waxing in Noting Hill London or are seeking help for an ache or pain.

Deep Tissue Massage and Soprano Laser Hair Removal in London

The usual beauty spa favourites of massages, hair removal, manicures and pedicures,  and facials are all available at Medspa, alongside some more specialised face and body treatments. A wide range of medical treatment options are also on offer, including facial rejuvenation, teeth whitening and some cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Unique treatments: Nannic Face & Body Treatment

The clinic also provides a range of unique treatments not found at other spas, including the Nannic Face & Body Treatment. As the name suggests, this targets both the face and body - either separately, or at the same time in one session. As well as giving your face a thorough going-over (amongst other things, the Nannic system reduces pore size, strengthens facial expression muscles and activates collagen - and it’s absolutely perfect for treating oily or acne-prone skin), the use of two machines at once means that specific areas of your body can also be focused on - whether that’s dealing with any particular aches; helping with arthritis; addressing issues with your lymph system; or targeting fat and cellulite. The Nannic Face Treatment in particular leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft and with a supremely clear complexion, as well as giving you with a very rested look overall - if you can’t take yourself away for a week of relaxation in the sun, try this treatment and you’ll get just as many compliments on how well you look!

What’s very apparent when having a treatment at the Medspa Beauty Clinic is how ably their specially trained and professional therapists address their clients’ needs. Medspa is of course not the only clinic which offers treatments that can be adapted for particular issues; their therapists, however, really do listen carefully to your specific requests and concerns and work hard to help with the areas that you specifically wish to target.

Medspa Beauty Clinic and Calder Pharmacy work in perfect unison for all your beauty and pharmacy needs - with the pharmacy stocking many of the regular, day-to-day products that you can use in between your sessions at the clinic, amongst many other items besides. 

Book a Laser Hair Removal in London -50% OFF or any Beauty Treatment -20% OFF. Medspa clinic is a tranquil oasis away from the hustle of Notting Hill Gate.

It’s no wonder that Medspa is such a favourite with local residents, businesses and celebrities alike!